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March 18, 2009


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Thomas Shaw

3D is a great gimmick, but that is all it is. People will always want to visit a museum in the flesh. Just like people would much prefer to see a game of football in a stadium.


Museumswill also have to distribute 3d documentaries, pictures and movies. Otherwise, nobody will return to musuems ever again...

With the advent of 3d television in the home, museums who want to bring a close and personal touch should be developing and distributing 3d media for home use.

Although there is no equivalent experience for actually being there, it should be a museum's obligation to actively try to reach and compel its audience while they are at home. This would encourage visits and, importantly, open up additional potential revenue streams.


Another tool that could be used by the NMAH archives center would be Flickr. Library of Congress and other archives have posted collections. It is a great way to get your collections out to the general public and possibly learn something new from the user posted comments.

Rebecca Zimmerman

As a museum educator for a Teaching American History grant, Essex LINCs, I am charged with locating, transcribing & digitizing if possible local primary source materials for use in elementary classrooms - sometimes items I find exciting & relevant have been lingering in museum archives for years, other times I am unable to bring the materials I think can tell an important story onto my website - it is a paradox of control of use of a museum's holdings, which is akin to much of the info out on the web. I think it calls upon us to educate the public to be careful in how they view web resources and mindful that nothing can replace the experience of seeing exhibits in person...


A very valid discussion - and one taking place in lots of of arenas. But I think part of your poll question is missing.

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