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February 25, 2009


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I agree, the food and atmosphere was a welcome treat after a hectic day for me. I look forward to returning soon and bringing friends with me this time. Keep up the good work and service.
Thanks Again


Susan: I am glad you were pleased with your lunch at the Stars and Stripes Café. I agree that the food is fresh and wonderful.

The dessert you enjoyed is called “Peaches and Cream Pie.” It is an original creation of our chef: cake on the bottom with a peach half in the middle and cream cheese frosting on top. Let me know if you want the recipe, or you can come back to the museum and try it again.

Thanks again for your thoughtful comment.

Susan Hollis

I was in the cafe of the American History museum last week and had the most DELICIOUS lunch...NC BBQ, Collard greens, and a peach dessert. Looked like a popover sort of...had peaches, cream cheese, inside with a cake around it. Absolutely delicious. I can't remember the name...can anyone tell me?


It's nice to have a person like this around that can transform such a mundane atmosphere into a nice experience. My home city of Bangor Maine has some nice restaurants and locations where either the owner or an excellent manager/employee seem to set the mood and make the experience better. Thanks for the info.


Thank you for posting about this warm and friendly lady. She greeted me as I arrived for a quick lunch and I felt like I was in her home. I watched her greeting other visitors that day and they all fell under her spell of welcoming good will. Please let her know she made my day!

It's amazing what one person can do, a little smile and a bit of personality goes a long way in making other people feel as happy as yourself. Good on yah Dolores!

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