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February 03, 2009


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Recently the Dish Network dumped the SMITH channel from this area (California). My heart is broken. I especially miss the episodes from "Inside the Vaults." (Did I get that right?) Any way to move some of what was on TV to this web sight. I'm also very interested in automotive history. But all I've ever seen here is that Ford station wagon. You must have more.


Bruce Falk

Great article and follow-up to SI 2.0, Matt. Personally, I think that SI should invest in developing and promulgating free web tools compatible with standard commercial online services which allow users to exploit, explore, and expand the collections, research, and publications (including lay-oriented publications such as exhibit text).

These tools should also be shared throughout the museum and nonprofit communities via GNU licenses on open source communities like Omeka so that standards can be built upon and extended in the most resource-conscious way. Everything should begin from standardized, modular bases. SI has the resources, knowledge, and bully pulpit to lead the way to such an initiative.

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