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November 22, 2008


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William Huxtan

I doubt that Harry Kashdan and I attended the same National Museum of American History. The interior spaces of this museum are as uninviting and poorly designed as any museum I've explored. The much celebrated open atrium consumes far too much space, interrupts the practicality of visual line, and pinches foot traffic on the upper floor. Exhibits off the main corrodors are dark and fail to welcome you inside. Witness visitors on the second floor stopping in mid-step and craning their necks to see what The American Presidency exhibit might behold--and hold up the people behind them in the process. It is understandable that the grand reopening will see long lines to the most popular sites. But that the building's layout obstructs the natural flow of traffic, for example, at escalators, is unforgivable. Yes, the National Museum of American History houses the essential collection of our national identity. Just don't expect to find any sympathy from the building as you labor to discover it for yourself.

Edward Daniels

I can't wait to make it to the museum tomorrow. I'm a local actor and one of the first films I did was for the America on the Move exhibit for the Chicago Transit Authority subway train, which I believe is still on display. Congrats on a great re-opening!

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