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September 09, 2008


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I am studying to be a cosmetologist and find this article very interesting. It would be amazing to discover when women first started caring for their looks and the products they used back then. Now adays there are soooooo many products out there.


This would be a pretty cool from the perspective of being a social scientist and amateur anthropologist. I wonder if you could get a sense from the adverts of the changing values that defined beauty over the period of the Revlon documents that you archived..!.

Kevin Megan

can't imagine in the past what fashion looks like

Tiffany Draut

The Archives Center is amazing! :)

Mara Jonas

It must be especially interesting to see how the concept of beauty has evolved over the years. I would love to see a temporary exhibition exploring the ever-changing concept of what it means to be beautiful at the American History Museum when it reopens.

Mary Ellen MacArthur

Reading about the task of collecting old Revlon cosmetic ads brought me vividly back to the large-format, glossy women's magazines of my youth. My mother's favorite was the Ladies' Home Journal, and mine was Seventeen Magazine. Both, as I recall, always had striking full-page advertisements for Revlon lipstick and nail color featuring impossibly gorgeous women! I'll never forget the impact of their advertising campaign for "Fire and Ice," a shade of bright red that stayed on the market for years. In those pre-television years, those ads shaped my concept of feminine glamour.

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